The ZR, ZS & ZT Register was founded by the MG Car Club in 2001, following the Introduction of the MG Zed Cars by the newly formed MG Rover Group in June of that same year.

We are one of 16 registers operated by the MG Car Club, Each register caters for the specific needs of that particular model(s). We offer a wide range of benefits and specialist knowledge to our members.

What do we do ?

- Organise Our Own Events & Activities
- Take Part in all major MG Car Club Events
- Publish monthly Newsletters & Articles in the Clubs Safety Fast Magazine
- Technical Support through the Club and our Register Partners
- We have a full range of Zed register merchandise available for Members to Purchase
- We now have a presence on all major social media platforms (links below)
- We can assist in tracing your cars history and providing its build data

For further information about the MG Car Club, please click on the link in top navigation bar, for further enquiries regarding the register , please click on the email link below under the 'Follow Us' Tab or alternatively email us at Thezedregister@hotmail.com