Meet the Team

Jamie Day - Social Media Representative

Jamie! I’m 21, I’m a Vehicle Technician and I was elected on to the committee at the beginning of Summer 2021 into the newly created position of Social media representative. My role is to oversee the all new social media channels the register has branched out into, including instagram, tiktok, twitter, you tube and much more ! I drive a 2005 MG ZR Express. The Express if you’re not aware is a rare “Car Derived Van” model and this very one is respected and very well received over on my Instagram @jamie_mgzr! You’ll be able to come and see this car in person at most of our meets and i look forward to seeing you soon !

Will Dunlo - Scottish Area Representative

Will, I’m the newly elected Scottish representative for the MG Car Club Zed Register. I first got into the MG zed cars way back when I was growing up as my parents purchased a brand-new MG ZS 110+ in Pearl Black. I always had a soft spot for it growing up and I always thought that the ZS was the pinnacle of a sporty car with the big fancy rear spoiler and 11 spoke alloy wheels. Now I’m 18 I currently own a ZR 105 which is my first car have the ZS as a second car. I was delighted in early 2021 to be asked by Rob Johns, the events Coordinator stand for the recently vacated position of Scottish area representative which was an honour.